Proprietary Methodologies
Our methodologies are based on the rigorous risk management approaches of the chemical and nuclear industries, using proprietary software platforms that greatly simplify matters.

‘Big Picture View’
We take a holistic approach to business continuity.
People are often blind-sided by disruptive events despite having had detailed disaster recovery plans in place. This is due to the traditional ‘silo-based’ perspectives typically involving only IT and (possibly) natural disasters. Disruptive events unfortunately cannot be neatly corralled into such silos. Aspects involving supply chain, fires, regulatory issues can be at least, if not more important.

Industry Sector and Business Understanding
We work across multiple industry sectors including manufacturing, supply chain and service industries. We are very familiar with complex and regulated business environments. We have leading in-house expertise in life science industries.

Emphasis on Identification of Threats & Focus on Prevention
This is a critical step as you cannot manage that of which you are unaware. We utilise the best threat identification methodologies that are available and we have decades of experience in their use. We invariably identify significant vulnerabilities, of which our clients were not even aware.
Traditionally, Business Continuity focussed only on the generation of business continuity plans to allow recovery from disruption. While this is important, we believe that prevention is at least as important. We will always propose measures to reduce the susceptibility of your business to disruption.


We add value by reducing the risk profile of your business!

WHY BCM Risk Solutions