Life Sciences Manufacturing Case Study

Life Science, Manufacturing, Supply Chain

Business Issue:
Secure stable supply of critical life-saving medicines

Working with the client, we identified the critical products, processes and activities and determined the maximum allowable downtime. We carried out a business continuity risk assessment of key manufacturing processes and activities. Our operational expertise facilitated the efficient use of internal subject matter experts. The study identified priority risks that had to be addressed such as sole sourced suppliers, process single points of failure, equipment obsolescence, automation threats and facility protection. Practical and cost effective mitigations were implemented over an agreed time frame. In addition, contingency strategies were generated for critical areas in the event of a serious disruption including recovery procedures and high level response plans for the transfer of operations to alternative facilities.

The client reduced the risk profile of critical operations through effective mitigation and generated response plans where necessary. Capital investment and site master planning processes were improved. Network preparedness was strengthened through cross-site contingency planning for all key product families.

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